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Journey to Mount Analogue

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‘You are about to commence a journey beyond the bounds of possibility, a climb to where realities don’t come by divine revelation. You will venture into the unknown. You will perform all kinds of experiments in order to see. You must become human before seeking transfiguration.’
— M.A.A.F. (Mount Analogue Ascenders Foundation)

Journey to Mount Analogue is an expanded edition of the 1959 novel Mount Analogue by René Daumal, introducing new layers and levels of adventure. Readers are challenged to undergo Daumal’s unfinished quest while manoeuvring through the Rotherhithe Picture Library’s stacks and Wikipedia articles organised by elevation from the Earth’s inner core to its outer summits.

First edition, 100 copies (stamped and numbered)
Single colour risograph
86 pages (58 French-folded and perforated)
A4: 210 x 297mm (8.267 X 11.693 inches)
Hardcover (blind debossed, foil blocked, coil bound)
ISBN 978-0-9573509-5-3

Published by Books From The Future and Platform Editions
Edited by Jacob Lindgren, Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees
Concept and design by Jacob Lindgren
Introduction by Yvan Martinez